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Date: 28th June 2016
Portable Hydraulic Power Unit DSC
Portable hydraulic power unit DSC Series is double pump double circuit,Website:, electric pumping station is composed of piston pump, gear pump, control system, electromagnetic reversing valve, a hydraulic control valve, instrument, motor and oil tank into a hydraulic power unit. Double circuit, double stage pump, automatic and other functions, can be equipped with manual or foot jump switch. Hydraulic pump oil and working conditions of portable hydraulic power unit DSC is recommended to use the 32 and 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil. The most suitable temperature 30? to 55? degree, when the oil temperature below 15? or greater than 60? from running, to regulate the oil temperature prior to the heating or cooling.? Hydraulic oil is generally used for 6 to 1 months should be replaced once, and clean the tank, remove dirt and dust. Hydraulic transmission will slow and cause problem if oil dirty, or dust paste on the oil filter, resulting in increased noise, so that the oil pump life is reduced, so to always keep the oil clean. The use of portable hydraulic power unit DSC series should be opened to put gas nut, will set the oil block switch is on, plug in the power and quick connector set in equipped with hydraulic equipment fast head. Press the power switch, to be the motor rotation for 1-2 minutes, will switch off placed in pressurized state. At the same time, the hydraulic oil output will carry out the work, the hydraulic oil output increases with the load, until to 700bar. After the operation of the super high pressure electric pump, open the switch to unload, to be hydraulic oil to return to the end of the oil, remove the quick connector sets, spin off the nut, select the electricity, close the switch. Portable Hydraulic Power Unit DSC Technical Data: Working pressure operation: 0 MPa-30MPa Flow rate at high pressure: 0.8L/min Flow rate at low pressure:?4L/min Motor Power?1.5Kw Hydraulic oil tank volume: 16L-36L Portable Hydraulic Power Unit DSC Operation Symbol:
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