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Date: 28th June 2016
Hydraulic Power Pack Unit DSS
Hydraulic power pack unit DSS,Website:, double stage pump with dual circuit and hydraulic manual operated valve, the directional manual valve function is available with "O" type, "M" type, "U" type. Low pressure, high and low pressure pump at the same time supply, can get a large output flow, high pressure, low pressure pump control valve automatically unloaded oil, can reduce motor power consumption, reduce oil fever. The performance of hydraulic power pack unit DSS is available for high pressure operation and the pressure changing. On the basis of crude oil, can increase the electromagnetic valve, pressure relay, hydraulic lock and other hydraulic components to control the system. Hydraulic power pack unit DSS is be able to increase the pressure for pressure test, equipped with oil cylinder and the equipment can carry out the weight, lifting, bending and straightening, stretching, punching, riveting, assembly and disassembly etc. operation. The electric oil pump is widely used in building, oil field, large steel plant, mechanical and electrical, chemical, aviation, metallurgy, machinery, railway, paper, port, power and other fields.Hydraulic Power Pack Unit DSS Operation Symbol:?Hydraulic Power Pack Unit DSS:Max. High Pressure: Max. From 0 To 80mpaMax. Low Pressure: From 0 To 12mpaFlow Rate: For High Pressure Flow Rate: 0.8L-15L/Min For Low Pressure Flow Rate: 6L/Min-46L/MinMotor Power: 1.5kw-15kwFuel Tank Capacity: 35L-170LOverall Size (L * W * H): The Technical Chart Below See More
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