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Date: 28th June 2016
Electric Hydraulic Power Unit DBS
Electric hydraulic power unit DBS is the hydraulic unit consists of hydraulic oil pump,Website:, an oil tank, hydraulic control valve, electrical, instrumentation, the composed of portable hydraulic system, single circuit and double circuit hydraulic system available, double circuit with manual reversing valve, a hydraulic control one-way valve control components, with the power motor of the electric single and three-phase type. Features Of Electric Hydraulic Power Unit DBS: - Small volume, light weight, convenient and high working pressure - Single-stage pump station: simple structure, can obtain higher output pressure - Double stage pump station: low pressure air travel liquid filling, high and low pressure pump simultaneously supply oil, can obtain large output flow. When high pressure work, the low pressure pump by unloading relief valve automatically unloaded oil, reduce power consumption - Pressure maintaining function: under no oil leak, the pressure output port connected 63X200 cylinder and reaches the rated pressure, stop the pump timing holding pressure for 3 minutes, the pressure drop does not exceed 5 MPa. Electric Hydraulic Power Unit DBS Application: With a cylinder or a special machinery and facilities, can achieve weight, bending and straightening, compressional and shear, riveting, disassembly, pressing etc. work. The device is used as a hydraulic power source in some mechanical equipment. As a variety of high-pressure hydraulic components, pressure vessels, pressure test pump station. Main Technical Of Electric Hydraulic Power Unit DBS: Working pressure: high pressure: 0-80MPa low pressure: 0-12MPaFlow: high pressure flow: 0.8L-20L/min low voltage flow: 4L/min-20L/minMotor power: 0.75Kw ? 7.5KwOil tank capacity:12L-100LTechnical Form Of Electric Hydraulic Power Unit DBS:
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